1. I haven’t received my files, what do I do?

When you purchase products from our site, you will receive an email invoice which includes your downloads links. If you do not receive this email within 30 minutes of payment please check your spam folder first. If you can’t see the email there please contact us here.

2. I can’t download the files, what do I do?

If you are having trouble downloading the files then wait a few minutes and try again. Sometimes, the computer fairies have a glitch and waiting 5 or 10 minutes can sort it out. If you have tried to download your file(s) multiple times and are still having problems contact us here.

3. How do I unzip the files?

When you download the files, they will almost always be in a zipped format. This means that you have to unzip the file(s) in order to view the contents. To do this follow the instructions here:

4. Do you have any tutorials?

Yes we do. Simply click here to access our tutorials.

5. Terms of Use

  • You may use these for personal use.
  • You can sell any products made using the files, however you cannot sell the actual FCM files.
  • Copyright AlandaCraft.com