How to Make Stencils Using Stencil Plastic – Brother Scan n Cut


  1. Marie Clay says:

    Hi I’m new to papercraft, I love my scan and cut and have bought the embossing tool. Do you have any tutorials on using the tool please

  2. Alanda Craft says:

    Are you referring to the Brother Embossing Kit or the Pollyanna Embossing Mat and Tool? We haven’t purchased the Brother Embossing Kit yet but we will definitely do a video on this when we get one. We do however, have a video on the Pollyanna Embossing Mat & Tool which you can find here –

  3. Do you know how to make quilting stencils, the type that your marker fits in the grooves?

  4. Paula Carnogoy says:

    We dont have a tutorial on creating quilting stencils Heather. I have put this on our to do list.

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